What’s in a domain name?


One of the first things you will need if you are planning to launch a new website, is of course a domain name. Your domain name is very special and must be chosen carefully. I like to think of it as naming a new baby. (Yes I’m being a little dramatic, but follow me…) That baby has to live up to that name and represent you for the life of your brand. It has to make sense so the baby doesn’t get teased. It has to be easy to pronounce or understand when spoken out loud. People with unique names will tell you how much it sucks to have your name mispronounced.  And it must not be too long. Remember, not everyone is computer literate and it can take a long time to type a long URL with only one finger. Imagine trying to tell Aunt Betty about your new website www.ConnieBakesCookiesAndDoesLaundryAsAHousewifeAndMommyBlog.net.

You could barely say all of that in one breath.  (◠‿◠) . . . so choose wisely!

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