How to Add A YouTube Video

How to Add A YouTube Video

STEP 1 – Write Your Post in WordPress

To add a YouTube video to a post in WordPress, log into your WordPress account, click Post > New Post and write a new post. Be sure to leave a blank line where you want the YouTube video to appear in the final, published post on your blog.


Step 2 – Switch to the Text View

When you are done entering the text for your post, select the “Text” tab of the composer to switch to the HTML editor in WordPress.


Step 3 – Copy the Embed Code for the YouTube Video

In a new window or a new tab, visit to locate the video you want to add to your blog post.  Once you have located the video, click Share > Embed.  Double click in the code box to select all of the code and copy it. (WIN: CTRL+C or MAC:  ⌘+C)


Step 4 – Paste the Embed code from YouTube into WordPress

Return to your WordPress post and click within the Text editor.  Remember that empty space we created?  This is where you will paste the code you just copied.  (WIN: CTRL+V or MAC:  ⌘+V)


Step 5 – TaDa!  Publish & View Your Post

Publish your blog post or use Preview if you aren’t ready to go live.  Congratulations!



If you have any trouble, comment below and I’m happy to help you.


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